AUN – Phantom Ghost

AUN – Phantom Ghost

Drones, ambient

Label – Denovali Records

01 Phantom
02 Out of mind
03 Travelers
04 Nineteen eighty four
05 Orga II
06 Light years
07 Ghost
08 Berlin

There is a strange kind of serenity, transcending the ongoing waves of sound that flow, sometimes smoothly, sometimes with force, on AUN’s album – “Phantom Ghost”. Rich with sounds and ideas, this album keeps it’s balance between the comforting calm that radiates from the exotic sounds, and an equally powerful, unsettling eruptions of suspense. This contrast keep renewing itself with different energies and characteristics with each passing track, and as the brain keeps being led by this cat and dog game between the calm easiness and crawling distress, both intertwined together so thoroughly that you can barely tell one from the other, I suddenly realize I have been listening to this album for three times in a row now, barely aware for the time that has passed. There is a strange kind of serenity in this album, and its nature is obscure and eluding.

The spectre world, brought to an evasive, partly corporeal life, is manifested at parts of the album with distant, yet tempting voices. These sirens, like those who greet the listeners at the beginning of “Phantom”, or in the following track – “Out of mind”. The music that follows these sung words like drifting mist changes from abstract ambient clouds to earthly, tribal percussions. As Aun constantly let us explore both heavenly and earthly domains through the music, we meet the track “Orga II”, which holds an ethereal stream of drones what flow below a haunting war beat. “Light Years” is more expanded, solemn and peaceful; almost dismissing the idea of time with its endless sounds the float on top of a long, sharp whisper. The closing track, the shortest on the album, has some psychedelic elements to it, and brings to mind music by tangerine dream, infused with the specific sound that AUN carries.

“Phantom Ghost” is certainly not your typical ambient album, and instead it offers a great, sometimes intense, experience rather than loose, drifting sounds. Well thought of and carried out, the eight tracks of the album creates a vibrating rollercoaster between various poles, keeping the album interesting and rewarding from beginning to end.

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