AUN – Turquoise


AUN – Turquoise

Drone, post rock

Label – Self released

A Peacefare
B War Tourism

I had the pleasure to finally see AUN live on two of their shows from this fall 2013 tour. Just before leaving home for this tour, AUN has released this Turquoise cassette with two lengthy (20 minutes long) tracks.

AUN’s creations are always intense and rich with vivid textures. As I listen to this album, I am doing exactly what I did yesterday during their show – I close my eyes and see the stars that Martin Dumais and Julie Leblanc travel to through their sonic experiments. With their revisited approach of early psychedelia and alienated dronegaze, Turquoise is both mesmerizing and engaging.

Limited to only fifty copies, I think that fans of AUN (I’m pretty sure there are more than fifty out there) should try and get this small artifact. Each cassette has a different cover, plus a link for free download of these two tracks, in case you don’t have a tape player, so there are no excuses to skip this release.

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