(H)organismo (G)ravemente (M)alato – Austenite

Austenite – (H)organism (G)ravemerite (M)alate

(H)organismo (G)ravemente (M)alato – Austenite

Drone, field recordings, noise

Label – HgM records

1 K3[Fe(CN)6]
2 Slag Inclusion
3 Filamentary Shrinkage
4 Intergranular Corrosion

This strange album found its way into my player. From the looks of the cover art and the track titles, one can guess this is some wild chemist sonic voyager into violent reactions between materials, and while playing these four tracks, I found myself thrown into a dense, geological expedition into a crushing audio realm of what sounds like crystallizing molten rock crawling its way into the ears.

This album (I think I can call it a concept album, as it revolves entirely around this hostile material) teaches the listener to move with the thick flow of things, and it certainly made me appreciate the sudden turns of events, when the slow drones quickly shifted into harsh noise attacks and vice versa. Austenite or not, this entire album do sound like the slow, heavy movement of a mighty behemoth, and proves to be an interesting find indeed.

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