Bad Sector – Raw Data

Bad Sector – Raw Data

Dark Ambient, Drone

Label – Taalem records

01 alpha
02 beta
03 gamma
04 delta
05 epsilon
06 zeta
07 eta
08 theta
09 iota
10 kapp
11 lambda

The year 2005 saw the birth of “Death Odors III” through the label “Slaughter Productions” by the late Marco Corbelli. The third track on that compilation album, and the one that I remember the most, was by Bad Sector, with sharp beats that gave out the fetid feeling that suited the albums concept so well. Now I encounter this project once again, after a long time, through Raw Data, a mini album by Taalem records, which goes even further into the bleak atmosphere that I remembered from the last decade.

Raw Data is composed from eleven short tracks, each lasting 2:00 minutes. Originally, these tracks were a part of an interactive web page, when they were reassembled, reshaped and remastered into their final form that is presented here. The most noticeable feature in this album is the dirty digital cuts, breaking the sick drones that crawl from the speakers. These clicks and cuts are the thing that makes this album so disturbing and powerful, having sinister presence over the haunting, unsettling music. As the album progresses, the sounds get tenser and through the eleven stages of this album you can feel how Bad Sector is making a move on your spinal chord, almost pulling it out of your body with his bare hands.

Being an expert in sick, deathly industrial ambient, Massimo Magrini of Bad Sector does not fail to deliver another powerful and unsettling album. Taalem offers yet another great release, tainted with uncanny, disturbed and distressing tones that make it even better than before.

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