Baldruin – Nachfalter

Baldruin – Nachfalter

Ambient, Experimental, Abstract

Label – Brave Mysteries

A1 Irrweg
A2 Wildwuchs
A3 Undine
A4 Hohlraum
A5 Am Hang
A6 Sackgasse
B1 Siebente Reise
B2 Spiegelung
B3 Weit DrauBen
B4 Schünwunde
B5 Die Purpurinsel
B6 Xerocomus

I think that what I like the most about Baldruin release through the ever so Brave Mysteries label is how it seems that Nachfalter is not only creating a fantastic micro environment for the listener to wander in, but it also allows Johannes Schebler, the man behind the project, to wander himself in the utopia that he himself had created.

You can witness this as you follow the album. Baldruin creates the perimeters of his realm, as sounds describe the unsettling and haunting spaces that manifest through the speakers. Then there are the tiny steps, in form of vague sounds. At times they are distant, at times they are spectral, yet throughout the album they seem to move around, filling and feeling the space they were poured into.

“Wildwuchs” can serve as a fine example as I sit, hypnotized, following the microscopic whistles that fly freely among the more epic loop realm. These are tiny comets, roaming freely in the endless realm that you can easily distinct in this enchanted track. On “Am Hang”, the borders are drawn by the floating words that fill the room with twisted, dreamy ideas. Incorporeal bell chimes are echoing these words, resonating through the spaces between them and making the entire track pulse with life. This goes on other tracks, making Nachfalter come to life like a hive, teeming with miniature voices.

Nachfalter blends dark environment with magical, bright and fascinating life. This contrast makes the album both interesting on a conceptual level and dynamic on the musical side. As it contradict itself in a fantastic dreamy way, it makes the listener set dry bones as the dreaded borders for this journey, and then follow the warm, wild heart to where it desires.

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