Bardo Senetic Cube – Game Over?

Bardo Senetic Cube - Game Over

Bardo Senetic Cube – Game Over?

Dark Ambient, Drone

Label – Deserted Factory

1 07:01
2 04:06
3 04:47
4 08:56
5 14:49
6 07:06
7 06:23
8 06:47
9 05:03

Igor Potsukaylo, the mastermind behind this album, brings a sinister, eerie and, at times, dreamy fog of adhesive sights and sounds. The question ‘Game Over?’ echoes through deep chamber’s ambience and piercing metallic shrieks that can threaten the mental stability and set fire to the mind. Potsukaylo knows well how to manipulate the psyche through deep vibrations and horrific stabs of alien drone engines.

With this harrowing wind of torment, Baro Senetic Cube merges ghosts of gothic chants or exotic singing, as ‘Game Over?’ shifts the frequencies of the sonic scenery like radio stations inside a lost dream. Those who will listen to this album will understand the acidic fusion of both demented and angelic sounds formed together through a magic forge.

Bardo Senetic Cube strips the listeners from any means of orientation and sends them to wander inside the phobic world that was created by ‘Game Over?’. While it just might not be a safe travel, it’s an wonderful one to partake in order to explore the hidden corners of the mind.

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