Bardoseneticcube – AmbiWax


Bardoseneticcube – AmbiWax

Dark ambient, Rhytmic industrial

Label – ML


After listening to ‘Game Over?’ by Bardoseneticcube, I was wondering what will the album ‘Ambiwax’ have to offer. Sure, the title of the album reveals a little of the secret, usually kept in secret until the pushing of the ‘Play’ button, but there is much more than mere ambient sounds on Ambiwax. Igor Potsukaylo, who stands behind this project, goes through paranoid dark ambient, through exotic, unsettling sounds of what can only be described as ghost recordings, to rhythmic industrial tracks that have all the other elements in them as well.

Track number three combines, for instance, a meditative series of soft percussions together with twisted, watery whispers and music that takes over everything, turning this track from an exorcism into a beautiful psychedelic revelation. Track number nine has a fatter, more tribal element growing in it, resulting in a beautiful snake charming industrial theme.
Together, these twelve tracks form a complex motion of sound that is well balanced by Bardoseneticcube. You should check this album out, and also his album ‘Game over?’ that we wrote about last month. You will not be disappointed.

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