Bersarin Quartet – II

Bersarin Quartet – II

Down tempo, electronic

Label – Denovali Records

1. Niemals zurück
2. Zum Greifen nah
3. Im Lichte des Anderen
4. Der Mond, der Schnee und Du
5. Perlen, Honig oder Untergang
6. Einsame wanderln still im Sternesaal
7. Im Glanze der Kometen
8. Alles ist ein Wunder
9. Rot und Schwarz
10. Keine Angst
11. Hier und jetzt
12. Jedem Zauber wohnt ein Ende inne

Several years ago, when the intense Friday shift was over at the record store where I worked, we used to put on the PA an album by the cinematic orchestra, as a fair consensus among the different workers. Personally, I liked that album because it has a smooth touch to it, yet in a way that did not offend the general population who came into that store, it was quite depressing. Personally I think that Bersarin Quartet is going further into this realm of music, and to me, the most important aspect in their music is how they are folding their emotionally powerful ideas deep inside a well made music that changes colors and styles.

While bringing to mind the mighty Caretaker at points, Bersarin Quartet has many unique qualities of their own. On “Der Mond, der Schnee und Du”, they employ powerful percussion parts, unsettling and irresistible, into the already moving music, thus adding another painful dimension to their work. The next track, ” Perlen, Honig oder Untergang” dwells in a more fantastic realm, orchestrating a bombastic funeral march through soft pads that resemble distant voices. It’s painful, yes, but it is also reassuring and peaceful, and most important, it justifies it’s gigantic presence by being interesting, and simply beautiful.

Other parts of the album introduce more elements from the long sleeves of this project. “Alles ist ein Wunder” holds some soft IDM parts interwoven with the otherwise soft electronic music, “Rot and Schwarz” has a more sinister vibe to it, bringing to mind various dark ambient projects, yet making them work with the general idea of the album, which is anything but sinister, in a successful way. The list goes on, and every track proves again and again that Bersarin Quartet has a distinct musical agenda, which is being performed over and over

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