Blitzkrieg Baby – Porcus Norvegicus


Blitzkrieg Baby – Porcus Norvegicus

(Post) industrial

Label – Neuropa Records

1 First movement, first Kill
2 Pig Boy
3 Disneyfied, Delirious and HIV+
4 Incinerator
5 Stalker
6 Sperm crawling back into its hole
7 Fuck me like you hate me
8 I never really loved any of you
9 Children in uniform
10 The pig-shaped tumor
11 Amputease
12 Slasher
13 Viva la Morte

Poor pigs, entire specie is forever sentenced to be considered as low, debased beings only because of how we humans treat them. I think I will need more than my frail two hands in order to count the number of bands, albums or songs with pigs being their subject for this exact purpose, but I think we can all agree that one of the first examples that come spiraling into our mind is Nine inch Nails for that matter. On ‘Porcus Norvegicus’, where cold industrial raises its smiling, ugly militant head to the iron sky, Blitzkrieg Baby celebrates not only a great, memorable debut, but also a warm and even slightly humorous wallowing in the disgusting mud of humanity.

The orchestrated movements, oozing out of the more traditional industrial bits and beats, offers a warm, if twisted shelter from the hostile assaults of such songs like the great ‘Fuck me like you hate me’, which indeed reminds of NIN. Looking at the entire album as whole, one must stand in awe in front of the majestic pungent stench of bleak nihilism that comes from the blend of heavy industrial militarism and decadent instrumental orchestrating. There are many layers and hints for other musical genres that fit into the dark and the cold, but all of them are orbiting around the black leather genius industrial fire. Given how uncompromising, unsettling and uneasy ‘Porcus Norvegicus is, this album, and therefore this band, is well worth our attention and enthusiasm.

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