Blueneck – Epilogue

Blueneck – Epilogue

Instrumental, Post rock

Label – Denovali/Cargo

1 Apogee
2 Carina
3 (eta carinae)
4 Colonization – Incident 1
5 Colonization – Incident 2
6 Symbiosis pt 1
7 Symbiosis pt 2
8 Suppression

This new album by Blueneck serves as a soundtrack for an imaginary movie, so says Duncan Attwood, Blueneck Front man, in here. I think this statement can be given on every album themed album that is released, as we make movies the basic themes that allow us to communicate with each other. Nevertheless, I can see (well, hear) what Attwood is talking about. Throughout “Epilogue” there are enough ups and downs, climaxes and minimal music lines to be the sonic guide for an epic storyline. Blueneck indeed knows how to move from soft spots like the ending of Symbiosis (Pt 1), which are almost inaudible and gentle enough to soften the coldest of hearts, to the unmonitored nuclear explosion that occurs throughout the second part of the movement.

In this album you can witness Blueneck’s ascension towards the light of slow, highly emotional post rock musical expansion. Pianos fill the role of the minimalist, poetic sentences while setting fire to slipping, gigantic musical avalanches. Some distant talking can be heard on (Eta Carinae), which brings my mind back to earth from its wandering through the highly detailed cosmos that was painted for me so well by this band. At this point I land, only to be taken by storm upwards again and watch the world I came back to through the eyes of an angry god.

Definitely an album to look for in case you are hungry for whatever post rock music has to offer. Furthermore, ‘Epilogue’ is an interesting point of reference in relation to the last album I have heard from this band which was brilliant but different. Check these guys up, you don’t have much to miss, and plenty to gain.

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