Burial Hex – Eschatology I

Burial Hex – Eschatology I

Label – Brave Mysteries


01 Twilight Visitors
02 Book of Delusions (St Hilary’s Day Remix)

I have heard Burial Hex here and there through Youtube and the late Myspace before, but “Eschatology I” is the first album I hear from start to end. From what I gathered from the sporadic array of tracks that I had heard before, what I appreciated the most was the welding together of the heavily emotional music, mostly on piano, and sometimes with vocals, and a more aggressive set of electronic beating and beats. “Eschatology I” does not disappoint and deliver an organic, shamanic and hypnotizing blend of these two elements that I like in two ways. “Twilight Visitors” is a more abstract, ritualistic saga, while “Book of Delusions (St Hilary’s Day Remix)” is rhythmic and more dynamic.

The two massive tracks by Burial Hex are forming together, quite evenly, one hour of music, which is Eschatology I. Something in the mystical and tribal aura that pierces its way through each of the two long tracks is keeping every minute, including the many moments of constant and monotonous beats, challenging and interesting. I think that what’s interesting the most to me in this album is not only the exotic discoveries that are made through this music, but the meaning in which I imagine Burial Hex to present these findings. This tribal music, empowered by hypnotizing trance beats on the track “Book of Delusions”, can bring to mind the exotic taste of the first two albums by Juno Reactor, for instance. But when Juno Reactor went long and wide to bring vivid, foreign aural visions to the listener, Burial Hex digs deep instead, and raises archeological sounds and almost forgotten occult imagery from the buried underground. The obscure sounds of “Eschatology I” carry with them the burden of heaviness and bleak emotional feeling like an artifact, rescued after years of being hidden underground, that carries dirt and secret history on itself, making its discovery so much more interesting and important. This makes this album stay in the consciousness long after its running time, and a highly recommended work of obscure music..

Eschatology I is just the first wave of music from the upcoming “Nightfall” set by Burial Hex, containing no less than 8 compositions, each lasting about 30 minutes. Having listened to this brave declaration of audio, one can only wait in patience for the complete session of this deep music by Burial Hex. Don’t miss it!

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