Chagas and Schafer – Scalping The Wraith

Chagas and Schafer – Scalping The Wraith

Free Jazz, Improv

Label – Shiting Sands congregation

I once saw a short video of Troy Schafer performing solo with a violin, and what struck me the most was the degree of fury that was inflicted upon the wooden instrument, which almost collapsed under the pressure inflicted by Schafer. When I listen to this 3″CDr, and I have been listening to it for few months now, I can imagine the same fury happening there. This time he is accompanied by Paulo Chagas on flute and Bass Clarinet, and together they go from free Jazz improvisations into wreaking a complete sonic havoc which at times pierces my eardrums so deep with its sharp needles my brain almost bursts.

It might be interesting to witness the way in which these two artists work together, because as it sounds on this small E.P, they have a wonderful communication with each other. The sound is great, as well as the overall feel, and I can imagine them playing right here next to me. Automatically, as one of the tracks blasts through the room, I imagine Schafer on the verge of smashing his violin on the floor. I don’t know if he has ever done this, but maybe he should. Not an expensive one, a cheap one for practice, like the one I thought about buying for myself and never did.

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