Circulation of light – Acheiropoieta

Circulation of light – Acheiropoieta

Folk, Electronics

Label – Brave Mysteries

1 A perfect Heart is like a mirror
2 Patience I
3 Stone’s sail
4 The Death Desire
5 Patience II
6 Manifold Grace
7 Dimmet

The last time I have listened to Circulation of light through the wonderful Shifting sands congregation, it was a pleasure to witness the solo project of Nathaniel Ritter, who stands behind several other projects as well as the peculiar label ‘Brave Mysteries’. Today, through another release titled ‘Acheiropoieta’, Circulation of light not only present itself in an even more majestic and complete way, it also shows a more intimate side to this projection by Ritter.

‘A perfect heart is like a mirror’ does this from the first note. A warm, even if melancholic texture coats the low piano keys that open the song, followed by the deep voice of Ritter, which takes the lead over this exposition to the album. The ritual, symbolic element is always there in Ritter’s musical work, even if hidden, and on this specific track I think it is best manifested in the repetitions in his singing structures. I keep that in mind as the song ends and the album moves forward through the first part of ‘Patience’. It almost seems like Ritter’s voice is growing more and more ethereal, and I think it is actually an illusion done by the music itself, which adds more abstract pieces to it as it flows. The parts of Acheiropoieta compile together a slow meditation that works well through sound reduction for the most part. On ‘Manifold of Grace’ all that is left, besides the mesmerizing singing, is a soft melody that almost drown in a sea of sub bass waves.

Dimmet closes the album with an even more minimalist part, as deep sounds that bring to mind Mongolian throat singing in some parts are giving way to high pitched soft drone cocoon that is beautifully developing into a bittersweet melody as a butterfly. It’s a suitable end for this ceremony by Ritter and Circulation of light, and makes me want to give a listen to another work by this project. Something tells me I will catch Ritter on my speakers soon enough, if not under Circulation of light, then through another project. Fine by me.

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