Compass hour – Compass hour

Compass hour – Compass hour

Urfolk, experimental

Label – Brave Mysteries

A Untitled
B Untitled

It took me months to get to this album, and I am not even sure why. Compass hour comes from the warm house of Brave Mysteries label, and is the project of Troy Schafer, Eric Bray and Nathaniel Ritter. Together they perform orchestrated sounds and dramatic visions in two untitled, instrumental tracks under this peculiar project name. The spiraling scythes on the cover art diffuse into the almost ritualistic music in this album. As the trio elevates enchanting sounds and piercing melodies through self empowering musical loops, thus creating a sharp and striking awe, it also lets the music submerge a little in ominous background noise, just for a short dip, as if to check the listeners’ awareness, as if to submerge the music in their psyche. This lunar magic, performed with sharp brass horns, stealthy percussions and weeping strings, grows intense as Bray, Ritter and Schafer elevate more and more sounds out of these limited elements. This duplication is reoccurring outside of the music as well. I am sitting next to my desk, with the scythes on this cassette’s cover, and a book that is showing a scene from a movie on it’s cover, with a witch standing next to a star made of old rusty scythes. She is lifting her hands as I am sure the performers were, at one point of the recording at least. This musical duplication and multiplying that the trio creates also happens outside of the music I am hearing, and I am now imagining the famous scene from the Disney movie ‘The sorcerer’s apprentice’. This intense moment fits perfectly to one point on this album, but that is all you need when concerning the magical music of the moon. It is only one short moment of it fully shining above your head, like a beacon that is briefly illuminating the earth before turning into a sharp scythe in the black skies again.

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