.cut | St. Onge – Self Titled

cut | St Onge – Self Titled

.cut | St. Onge – Self Titled


Label – Obsolete records

1 Untitled

The live performance with .cut and Alexandre St. Onge goes through several phases before it complete the cycle it goes through as shifts from solid, monumental sounds to shaking, hypnotic waves. When it begins, I can swear that the deep bass drone, slightly distorted and almost organic, is trying to communicate through an inner rhythm that either .cut or St. Onge put in it. After this communication attempt, things go even more hardcore and you can almost feel the walls of the venue in which this performance took place, as they are shaking and moving together with the unearthly vibes of these two artists.

.cut and Alexandre St.Onge present a powerful act that manages to stay dynamic to a certain degree (we are talking about drones, after all), and challenging through several phases that the musicians go through throughout the 25 minutes of this show. This is a worthy recordings and a great reminder that you should hear these guys when they go live again.

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