Dead Sea Apes – Soy Dios

Dead Sea Apes – Soy Dios

Label – Self released

Post rock, Ambient, drones

01 Soy Dios I
02 Soy Dios II
03 Soy Dios III

I don’t have too much information about this album, so I will have to go with what I see and hear alone. Soy Dios is a three parts album, stretching guitar chords over one half of an hour, together with bass beating and drums. Dead Sea Apes begin each of their opuses with a slowly emerging sound that becomes a dense monolith in few minutes. From there, this trio starts taking different directions, be it intense drumming over piercing guitar and rapidly pulsating bass, or an abstract mist of sounds, and whatever can be found in between these two ends.

Whatever the mode of their playing is, Dead Sea Apes are energetic and heavily dramatic. Some might find this a little too much, but much more would love this severe approach. Think about an instrumental, primitive (in a good way) version of the later Isis albums, and you will get the idea where Dead Sea Apes are heading, generally speaking. On other parts, the guitar riffs are replaced by endless feedback drones, clean and serene, purifying the mayhem that happened just moments ago.

With a wonderful, endless desert, Soy Dios III ends the album, and I wonder what lies ahead for these guys. If the next album is going to be similar, it will be a little disappointing, as this material, as good as it might be, will not necessarily work the second time. On the other hands, Dead Sea Apes sound promising and able to give something new and refreshing next time. Let’s see what the future brings!

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  1. alien303 says:

    You were asking about other tracks by Dead Sea Apes – Skip Spence cover

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