Decimus – S/t


Decimus – S/t

Ritual, drone, psychedelic

Label – Brave Mysteries

1 Polydipsia
2 Psittacosis

Through Brave Mysteries comes a slow and turbulent experiment in sonic mediation under the name ‘Decimus’. In these two juicy parts of the self titled album we step over the mirrored edge in order to venture into rapid electronic sound explorations through almost abstract, yet still rhythmic beats of glitch, grasping with sharp talons the ill sounding, ill bringing dark drones.

This two-parts creation is taking its time as the deep sounds slowly sink in like muddy magma on ‘Polydipsia’ into a cavernous psychedelica. There are whispers heard in the midst of this dreamy whirlwind, and when I hear them I can easily feed my paranoia by convincing myself I am hearing my inner voice after too much of this intense music messing with my little brain.

I am going to offer an unprofessional advice now, since I did not do this myself yet, but I will. What I want to advise to you, brave listeners of esoteric musical conjurations, is to listen to this when going to sleep or when meditating. I am pretty sure that all sorts of interesting things are going to happen to you on dream world with this album as a guide. Let me know.

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