Dorcelsius – Climax Air Climax


Dorcelsius – Climax Air Climax

Experimental, electronic witchery

Label – Aural Sects

1 Magic Spermaids
2 Chateau de Dames
3 Black Chrysanthemum
4 Ways of the night (Ft. Billie)
5 Ways of the night (walk to you)

Altogether, when seen as a whole, “Climax Air Climax” is a vibrant, yet paranoid festival of electronic mindless self indulgence. When broken down into the smaller bits, it seems like this octopus named ‘Dorcelsius’ is sending its tentacles to the farthest points in order to create this elaborate ritual, and while describing each point, each sound, would make no sense to the reader, the whole creation is a fantastic, rhythmic Sabbath in the dark wood.

Dissecting the music on ‘Climax Air Climax’ would make no sense, but no one needs sense in such wild, joyous circling of the synth fire. There are tribal beatings, sewn together with psych synths that move wildly like the long fingers of the temptress witch. Next to this enchanting moment you will find the siren sounds of a forlorn gothic operatic singing. Confused? Wait till you get inside the Chateau de Dames, where the smoky air is filled with what can only be described as intense Japanese psychedelica. Whatever the track may be, it looks like a very useful tool to lure strangers, who will quite certainly be intrigued by the mysterious and almost sensual music and voices, off the marked road and deep into the twisting talons of the wood, to the stretching hands of the succubus who awaits there. If her hands are those who played this music, you should at least shake them with respect.

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