Drub/Jeff Mcleod – Split


Drub/Jeff Mcleod – Split

Psychedelic, ambient, experimental

Label – Cuchabata Records

A Drub – Wawaron / Medusa
B Jeff Mcleod – Thoss

Drub and Jeff Mcleod are sharing this black and white cassette like two ritualistic thoughts inside one almost melted mind. Drub begins with a psychonaut’s dream as they explore electronic loops, sampling and full synth-spectrum dominance. While ‘Wawaron’ and ‘Medusa’ both have a strong psychedelic agenda, they are quite different from each other. ‘Wawaron’ is more communicative and straight forward, while ‘Medusa’ is really out there, touching the outer regions of Drub’s mind.

After we turn the cassette to side B, the music changes as well to a much darker and even intimidating psychotic drone that is ‘Thoss’. Jeff Mcleod seems to take a dizzy chainsaw and split the mind into two vibrating halves, hurling whatever that is left of the conscience that survived Drub to a distant dimension.

Sophisticated and emotional, this split finds its way to the top shelves of my favorite psychedelic sonic experiments. This cassette is limited to mere 50 copies, but you can find the music on Bandcamp as well.

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