Emme Ya – Erotognosis

Emme Ya – Erotognosis

Experimental, Dark ambient

Label – Brave mysteries

1. Etheric Void Eyaculation
2. The Purple Temple (Sperm Fragments To Bacaloubaca)
3. Grimoire Ghuede
4. Alchemy Ov Red Sperm (The Rite Of Zom)

I am pretty sure that it’s Josef Boyce who stands behind this installation, although I might be wrong, but there is this wonderful, simple work, which consists of only two speakers laying on the floor and facing the ceiling. From one speaker you hear, at a consistent pace, the sounds of a shovel hitting the ground and removing another layer of dirt from it, then tossing it away, and then, on a perfect timing, you hear the sound of that same (is it really?) dirt hitting the floor through the other speaker. It’s a simple work, but it works beautifully as it brings to life the loose evidences of an action that is not really there at all.

While listening to “Grimiore Ghuede”, through the sinister breathing and windy drones, the distant, almost inaudible sounds of outdoor rituals surface. I think I hear the sound of digging, and it draws near in a rapid, haunting speed. The sounds leave a vast chasm of emptiness in between each resonating sound, but this empty space is then filled, mentally at least, with dark images and – yes, this digging action, real or imaginary. I see visions where I am hiding in the forest and spying over this secret activity, as indeed, ‘Erotognosis’ promises and delivers a heavy, moist scent of secret, dark and occult activity. The track titles do promise a certain amount of magic in them, and although usually we have to settle for intimidating titles while the music remains a formal, sometime formulated dark ambient creation, Emme Ya manages to convince me that something wicked this way comes, and that there is, behind the sexual manifestation of this music (at least from the vivid promises of the titles) something secret and occult in this fantastic blend of darkest ambient and dead experimental music.

‘The Purple Temple’ offers the most alien environment in this album, and as I listen to this track, the sounds from it seem to diffuse themselves into my house. Distant melodies play from another room, so it seems, and I can barely recognize human voices, if there any at all in this album, and musical movements. The wooden cracks that can be heard in this track give the purple temple an ancient stamp of approval, and help Emme Ya describe a more alien, alluring scenery. When it dies, we are left with the fainted echoes of the breathing ritual that took place through electronic wires and speakers that served as conduits for this magic. Through the cold winter nights, as my windows are shut down completely, it’s a good way to keep touch with the outside, wherever it may be.

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  1. edgar Kerval says:

    Great Review,thanx so much ! I am edgar Kerval the founder and sole creative spirit behind this South American project,Colombia Precisely! if you could arrange review will be excellent thanx!

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