Ensemble Economique – Interval Sounds

Ensemble Economique – Interval Sounds

Ensemble Economique – Interval Sounds

Field recording, Dronegaze, Ambient

Label – Denovali

1 Interval Signals pt 1
2 Interval Signals pt 2

Mysterious radio broadcasts of numbers and letters.

More than anything else, this peculiar release, brought to life by Brian Pyle (this is a one man ensemble!), is as unsettling as a distorted episode of Twin Peaks found broadcasting on the deserts of mars. Pyre combines powerful piano playing with vague field recordings and mysterious radio dispatches that, in their spectral posture, remind me of those strange radio signals on rogue stations, where you can listen to a cold voice reciting letters and numbers without and meaning to them, so it seems.

On the first run, ‘Interval Sounds’ has some cinematic virtues to it, and can be heard as a soundtrack for, well, something unheard of. But more than being a storytelling music, ‘Interval Sounds’ taps into something else, more emotional, and unsettling. The collage of hypnotizing music and eerie radio transmissions create the image of broadcasts that are intercepted in deep space, with no intended audience to them.

‘Interval Sounds’ is definitely one of the more interesting albums I have heard this year. In a world of endless signals and target audiences, Ensemble Economique strips this system of sounds and present it in a naked, mesmerizing manner.

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