Ensemble Economique – Melt into nothing

Ensemble Economique – Melt into nothing

Ensemble Economique – Melt into nothing


Label – Denovali

1 Your lips against Mine (Featuring Sophia Hamadi and Denmother)
2 Make-Out in the GDR
3 Hey Baby
4 Fade for Miles
5 Never Gonna Die
6 Melt into Me

“Melt into Nothing” brings Ensemble Economique to a certain peak, where surrealist electronic sounds build the foundations of a new order in Brian Pyle’s music. Taking a little different direction from his previous albums, Pyle’s new album puts together the gloomy paths of cavernous isolation music, together with far more open and optimistic notions. Even the fantastic track – “Make out in the GDR” , that draws its inspiration from a far more Gothic vision, paced by the rhythm of the war drum, has a far more aware and knowledgeable directing hand behind it, and instead of just suffocating in an obsolete medieval pool of fake darkness, it also offers a bright opportunity for ascension.

These six tracks all have a sharp needle of clear thought, piercing the surrealist wonders that Ensemble Economique builds so well through the music. “Melt into nothing” is a slow walk through vague dream, with that distinct vision of a loved one that keeps you focused through the disappearing garden. Once again, Denovali releases a great album, and once again, Ensemble Economique satisfies the will for a wonderful experience.

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