Eolomea – Eolomea

Eolomea – Eolomea

Black Ambient, drone

Label – Brave Mysteries

A1 Sootfall And Fallout
A2 Ordovician
A3 Seven Before The Throne
B1 Sootfall And Fall Out
B2 Ordovician
B3 Seven Before The Throne

This great release from Brave Mysteries’ line of offerings holds many sharp edges that pierce gently through the body of music and make the cold, yet soft and elegant music sting the listeners in an almost sly way, like a poisoned apple, if I can borrow a more visual way to describe my feelings.

André Foisy (guitars, vocals) and David Reed (Synthesizer) are digging through very dark ground within the self titled album, revealing menacing, even hostile spectral atmospheric drones that can chill the blood vessels like the black infinite space. And when the almost unrecognizable, demonic screaming appear, like a vague, distant pulsar signals, that’s where this album grasps your nerve system and play its strings like a violent violin. On other parts there is an almost post rockish feeling to the desolation and twisted sonic landscapism, but have no mistake my friends, there is no emotional depth to Eolomea’s album beside that of an extensive, sometimes horrifying tunneling into your darkest psyche and releasing a select cut of whatever can be found down there. It’s a great ride, but you should be the only one held responsible for the results.

A fantastic release by Brave Mysteries!

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