Exit in Grey – Shadows of Stillness

Exit in Grey – Shadows of Stillness

Exit in Grey – Shadows of Stillness

Dark Ambient / Drone/ field recordings

Label – Muzyka Voln

1 The Sunset Dust in our Hands
2 Shadows
3 Speaking With Silence
4 So Beautiful and Quiet Place

This strange album was playing all day long now, mixing together abstract ideas about bleak dystopian nightmares, which were somehow connected to a beautiful serenity. I am now staring at the packaging of this album, for over 10 minutes now, as time seems to move slower and slower while immersing yourself in this world, and I find the artwork symbolically fitting to what I am listening to. Like what I see with my eyes, the music I am listening to does relate, aesthetically, to this calm, endless field, that for a moment seems burnt down, only to look fresh again immediately. I can also hear the constant static disruption of a lonely electric pole. This beautiful broadcast that is called ‘Shadows of Stillness’ is sent to space, oblivious to the possibility or chance of someone ever hearing it.

‘Shadows of Stillness’ was recorded using Guitars and effects, Harmonium, Polyvox, various field recordings and the translation of VLF radiowaves of the atmosphere and of other Stellar bodies. Through this combination of the micro sounds and the macro, the persistent drone sounds manage to celebrate as well as to lament, as The artist behind them, Segey, who works under the name ‘Exit in Grey’, stands naked against the all consuming, ever hungry cosmos. It’s a brave act, and a rewarding challenge in humility, as the artist maneuvers these majestic sounds into a titanic sphere of independent intelligence, making it easy and tempting for the listeners to get lost inside, as if they had any other option against this great absorber.

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