Fallopian Disco Force – Black Larvenroller

Fallopian Disco Force – Black Larvenroller

Fallopian Disco Force – Black Larvenroller

Noise, Glitch, Hip hop

Label – Ill Yacumama Records

1 Hand of the Night Eaters
2 Wigan Binge
3 Black Larvenroller
4 Worm in the Wild
5 Starship to Helix Nebula
6 Naboo Yacht Flotilla
7 Elephantine Shofar Blow
8 Gamma Pulse Propulsion
9 Shabaka Shapeshifter
10 Ah Pook Interceptors

Just by looking at the marvelous cover art and at the various show invitations that were attached to this vinyl, I felt two intense feelings, intertwined together into some sort of a psychic monster. I felt the sense of wonder as to what is lurking in these ten tracks, and I also felt a little envious of the energy I might have not had to endure it all, had I been able to go to an FDF show (And I would go!).

Fallopian Disco Force makes it completely clear from the first brief glance that this is not going to be easy at any rate. ‘Hand of the Night Eaters’ begins with an insane, warp ten collision course, and things only get more intense and more beautiful, beautiful like listening to the beating heart of a supernova.

‘Black Larvenroller’ melts together irresponsibly distorted beats, shamanic textures and sharp disco balls into a true, mind boggling mayhem. ‘Worm in the Wild’ tests the boundaries of Drill n’ Bass while offering a track that will most likely kill dancers on the dance floor, ‘Elephantine Shofar Blow’ sounds like old Digital Hardcore music played through 8bit church music and the rest of the album, well it appears that FDF tries to make your heart burst, and they are very close to make it happen.

‘Black Larvenroller’ is rich, diverse and hostile work of noise and glitch that reminds me about my own endurance. This 666% charged energy bolt reminds me how tired I am and also, at the same time, charges my brain with the right youth giving amphetamines, not enough to go to a glitch party, but enough to listen to this phenomenon once again.

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