Flowers of Yes! – Goodbye Drones


Flowers of Yes! – Goodbye Drones

Ambient, dream , drone

Label – Steak Au Zoo

1 Goodbye Drone
2 Everything is Bright
3 Drone Variation #1
4 Drone Variation #2
5 Drone Variation #3

Steak Au Zoo is constantly revealing itself as a label you should keep an eye and an ear on. This cassette brings the Flowers of Yes! with an album that is magically levitating somewhere between Inca Ore’s dreamy pandemonium and Jarboe’s somber and decisive rituals. Flowers of Yes! exercise through sound often turns into a an almost too abstract documentation of a psychonaut lost deep within a blue hole, but’s the sheer beauty of this shamanistic endeavor.

Flowers of Yes! throws a stone to the water and raise wonderful ripples. I can’t help but wonder how will their

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