Chvad SB – Crickets Were the Compass

Chvad SB – Crickets Were the Compass

Chvad SB – Crickets Were the Compass

Drone, ambient

Label – Silber Records, Facility Records

1 It Haunts Her
2 A Hair Before Sundown
3 The Dust Cloud Permeates
4 People Keep Asking and I say You’re Well
5 There isn’t a Day That Goes By
6 Crickets Were the Compass and World Goes ’round

Every once in a while you find yourself holding an album that’s there to stay. “Crickets were the compass” is such album, and I think the reason I like it so much is the fact that besides the great music, The album art is not a conventional cover art that you can find on Drone albums, and the track titles are sparking up the imagination with intense stories.

What stories? Well, through drones and loops that can easily cause anxiety on one hand, and remarkable delight on the other, “Crickets were the Compass” is a world of warm points of dense energy, spread across the barren, gloomy aftermath of society. The title track, for instance, is a beautiful drown inside a low and slow growl, while hovering above like distant fire flies are tiny electronic ghosts that are echoing together in harmony.

“It hunts Her” is a heavier wave of oscillation with a touching guitar that saying words of comfort over a hostile, menacing and fluid drone. Overall, the holy mixture of hope and loss is clearly evident through this album. Chvad SB, being active for over twenty years, has a very powerful statement of presence. Look for this album, all ye drone lovers!

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