Franz Kirmann – Meridians

Franz Kirmann – Meridians

Franz Kirmann – Meridians

Post rock, Cinematic, ambient

Label – Denovali

1 Dancing on the Edge of the Void
2 He Watched as She Disappeared into the Crowd
3 That Day We Threw the Keys Out of the Window
4 They Drove All Night Only to find themselves back where they Started
5 Where did we Go Wrong
6 Only When Your Eyes are closed
7 Glider
8 Only when your eyes are closed
9 Good morning bright star
10 Excelsior
11 Ghost of a smile
12 With such sweet despair
13 You fall in love with someone else

“Meridians” is the latest Franz Kirmann’s album, released by Denovali and offering a perspective over a vast cinematic, rich and detailed world. The different episodes, all made clear by the suitable track titles, tell different stories, all separate yet somewhat similar in the overall notion of bittersweet realizations. If I have to explain this through a metaphor, Franz Kirmann’s ‘Meridians’ let us remember the first rain and how we loved it, but he let us experience it through the glass window, so we can always remember the prison we made to ourselves while we enjoy this wonder. That’s how it is, I suppose, when you talk about the wild in music, but through urban context.

The soft beat, when it appears, is escorted gently by the magical flora and fauna that sound like a clever fusion between Tangerine Dream and Sigur ros. My favorite picks are “With such Sweet Despair”, which blends honest, sweet memories with the tunneling disruption of a jet engine, and also the track titled ” They Drove All Night Only to find themselves Back where they Started”, in which we are being shifted violently between the monumental, wonderful sounds of a brilliant and unforgettable moment that you can imagine in an epic movie and mischievous, stealthy synth music that seems to take us in a completely different direction only to make us realize soon afterwards that we are, well, in the same magical place, like Kirmann has already told us when he wrote the title to this part.

“Meridians” can offer vast reaches to whoever dares listening. Be sure to check this album up and experience the bittersweet sounds of a smile and a tear.

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