Greg Haines – Where we were


Greg Haines – Where we were

Ambient, Rhythmic

Label – Denovali

1 The Intruder
2 Something happened
3 So it Goes
4 Trasiemo
5 The Whole
6 Wake Mania without End II
7 Habenero
8 Habenero (Version)

In this magical release by the eternally welcome Denovali, it is Greg Haines that summons an exciting, moving and touching collage of sounds. This album has been playing over and over for three hours now, and like the repetitive pattern of waves, these eight
tracks, eight ideas, are feeding the fire of the mind with their very different energies.

Describing the progress of each track would be futile. “The Intruder” is a distant, lonely shriek of anguish, and is placing me under a moral dilemma between the will to end the suffering of whatever it is that I am listening to, and the will to listen to it thoroughly. On “Something Happened” there is a deep, liquid rhythm that gives hints about future progression into the far realms of acid and trance, and on “So it Goes” we dive into a funeral march on the bottom of the unforgiving ocean. There are tribal highlights and psychedelic witchcraft later on, and all of these wonders are combined together by great skill and a visionary mind into one complete creation.

Haines points to different musical directions while holding his own agenda high above the water. If you ever find a track from this album online, listen to it and enjoy it, but know that the rest of the album does not sound like the track you are listening to at all. The rest of the album sounds better. Get this.

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