Holism Gaea – Blakesian Williamness


Holism Gaea – Blakesian Williamness

Industrial, dark ambient

Label – Hear &Crossbone records, Topheth Prophet records.

1 Antares fall
2 But in the wine presses
3 Ah! Sunflower
4 The human grapes sing not nor dance
5 The argument
6 Weeping meadow

“Tiger, tiger, burning bright
in the forest of the night,
what immortal hand or eye,
could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

As it happens, I found myself watching the first episode of some random Sci fi TV series (I think it’s called ‘outcasts’). The picture fades in. A little child sees light through the morning landscape on the other side of his room’s window and shouts the William Blake’s poem that I have written above. The first thing that came to my mind, as it happens, even before my memories from being in his exhibition in London several years ago, was the brilliant book ‘Watchmen’ by Alan Moore, which used that same quote on one of its pages. It is a natural thing to happen, since Blake was represented and recycled infinitely through every medium and every genre (well, the darker you get, the most inevitable it is for you to cross path with an artist mentioning him), but there are rare moments when William Blake is brought to life in a refreshing, remarkable way, and Holism Gaea is responsible for one such beautiful moment.

Drawing their translation to Blake’s book – “The marriage of heaven and hell”, Dekhay, who is behind this project and Kirpitch, who adds guitar and sounds on the third track, team up in order to conjure their vivid and powerful approach from reading his words. They say that it’s a game in hell and a hard work in heaven, but Holism Gaea works hard in order to paint the road to both the realms of darkness and light with vibrant sounds and deep voices. Unsettling sonic movements create a chilling world that crashes, like on “The argument”, with the charming serenity of paradise. The conflict and confrontation between these two realms of sound surrounds me as I am drawn into the spiraling storm, and in the middle of it, cold, desolate and beautiful, stands “Ah! Sunflower”, a poem that is brought out in a moment of distinct clarity through terrific vocals and music that manages somehow to send forth rich layers and textures, and keep this song intimate and almost naked. Few seconds before it ends, I suddenly realize I am about to be drawn back into the demanding and turbulent music that exists around this song. Like they say in this movie – we have to go deeper. I am able, and more important, I am more than willing.

If you know Topheth Prophet and Heart&Crossbone, you know to trust their releases with blind eyes and stretched hands. The same goes with Holism Gaea, which ends up with another intense work that should not be missed, and that can’t miss. Magnificently maneuvering between the cosmic, the carnal, the epic and the spiritual, Blakesian Williamness will get you one way or another and bite you in the forest of the night.

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