Hydras Dream – The little Match Girl

Hydras Dream - The little Match Girl

Hydras Dream – The little Match Girl

Dream pop, improvisation, Neo Classical

Label – Denovali

1 Last Evening of the year
2 The little Match Girl
3 Hypothermia
4 Losing the Slippers
5 Grievance of a young girl
6 Grandma’s Appearance
7 Fall of a Star
8 The Joys of a new year
9 The End

Anna Von Hausswolff and Matti Bye have built together this concept album, in which together they bring to life a musical score to the story “The little match girl”. I had some doubts with myself, as I was writing down the musical genres to which this album relates, as the entire album sound like a sad, beautiful, winter dream above any other possible description. There is a wonderful singing that pulses like warm beacons of light through the touching, cold but vibrant music, and nostalgic magic that keeps reminding me of that moment when Kim is dancing in the snow that Edward Scissorhands creates in the movie about his story.

Being a music score for a story, “The Little Match Girl” changes dynamics as the story develops, while always maintaining the energy to hold the listeners with fascination and excitement. Hydras Dream is indeed a shaking dream and a beautiful and brave experience. The little Match girl is the perfect hymn for Hypothermia, grievance and falling. Excellent.

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