IA – Peak of Anchorite


IA – Peak of Anchorite


Label – Taalem

1 Peak of Anchorite

It is always a wonderful experience and surprise to first think you know what you’re going to hear once you press play on a Ta’alem release, and then to actually discover a brilliant, vibrant new world inside the specific mini album you are listening to, which is one in a long line of releases from this label. ‘Peak of Anchorite’ is a celestial, even if sorrowful wave of sound, completed and perfected with lyrical darkness. This is not the kind of darkness that would grant the title ‘Dark ambient’ to the album, but more like the deeper, sadder feeling that you can feel while listening to Lisa Gerard, for instance. However, having this long track built not in the form of a song but of a long voyage to the center of the earth, it is, in my ears at least, a better, more powerful fist to the gut. Indeed, for 23 minutes, IA twists and turns inside the stomach, causing bittersweet pain that is a comforting spectacle, an aurora borealis that is, my friends, a wonderful music to the ears.

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