Ich Bin N!ntendo – Look


Ich Bin N!ntendo – Look

Free Jazz, Noise, Noise rock

Label – Va Fongool records

1 Endless Bovis
2 Cream Corn Wand
3 Star City
4 Live and let Live
5 Let’s Toast!

Wow, it seems like Va fongool records have certainly found their language of communicating with their audience, and that language, if you judge by many of their artists, including Ich Bin N!intendo, is freedom through chaos. I don’t know, maybe it’s a subjective instinct, but when I saw the name of this band I knew, in very general outlines, that I am going to be introduced to some intense panicking mayhem. It’s in the good sense though, don’t get me wrong. IBN! Explode on ‘Endless Bovis’ into a cosmic storm that sounds like someone demons have possessed the studio one night and recorded the beautiful sound of collapsing musical instruments, and from there on it gets messier, more intense and, well – beautiful.

There’s something so profound and liberating in the barbaric shrieks and moaning, merged with the piercing guitars and pounding drums and bass, which brings to a certain, even if demented, form of serenity, as if through shock treatment. It gets to extreme ascensions at points, when you can no longer understand what instrument you’re hearing, where noise takes over everything. These are the moments when IBN! are at their finest, reaching catharsis through the wildest, most free musical bestiality.

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