Insect Ark – Long Arms


Insect Ark – Long Arms

Drone, Experimental, Post rock

Label – Geweih Ritual Documents

A1 Long Arms
B1 Lift off
B2 Symbols

The versatile, interesting work of Dana Schechter, who played with various artists, as well as having her own band, has manifested itself as a new form of life on her first solo work as ‘Insect Ark’. On this 10″, with three insightful tracks on it, Schechter plays meditative post industrial hymns that penetrate the psych, injecting it with disorientation due to the almost shamanic trance it produces. This is what happening to me right now as I listen to the wonderful track ‘Lift Off’, which is, as it happens, the shortest part of this album. On ‘Long Arms’ and ‘Symbols’ I am taken into an orchestrated ceremony of brilliant and bleak atmosphere, with determined tribal percussion and an overall dusty intensity. Powerful and sincere, ‘Long arms’ is a chilling, fascinating grasp of Schechter’s mind,

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