Jannick Schou – Eldey

Jannick Schou – Eldey

Jannick Schou – Eldey


Label – Taalem

1 Edley

Eldey is what I think about when I imagine how ominous drones should sound like. There is none of that pseudo horror gimmicks in Jannick Schou’s sleeves, but a firm, slow wave of sublime realization through all engulfing sounds. Why is this so ominous? Well, maybe because of how these mesmerizing drones suck my brain into the back of my skull as I yield and let them into my mind. This massive juggernaut of a tidal wave is as surprising and inspiring as a spontaneous astral projection, and should not be missed by fans of drones and dark ambient.

I am almost tired of writing this after each and every Taalem release, but this is yet another magnificent release by this label. Check Janick Schou’s other releases and of course, Taalem other releases for further explorations of the unspeakable.

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