Kadaver – Self destruction ritual


Kadaver – Self destruction ritual

Harsh Noise

Label – Orgazmatron records

1 Crown of Tongues
2 Twenty Five
3 Self destruction Ritual
4 Owl
5 Vaginal Chew Toy
6 This will harm you
7 Almost a monster

Don’t let the sound confuse you. Even though the high pitched shrieks that Kadaver uses so professionally on his albums in order to manifest pain and suffering can remind you the horrific dentist instrument that can penetrate your mouth and wreck havoc in it, ‘Self destruction Ritual’ is clearly not the case of such precise operation. Michael Zolotov, the flesh and bone behind Kadaver, has no use for thin needles in oder to pinch the nerves, and instead he uses atom bombs to destroy the self and gain some collateral damage in the process. Some might call it ‘overkill’, but I believe that Zolotov finds comfort and pleasure in overkills, because this is where he can finally see aesthetics form and messages written.

What can be expected from this album? Kadaver does not take interest in mere erotic horror in his non-music, but instead he molds huge sand castles out of pornographic slime of what used to be a recognizable body of beauty and sound. ‘Self destruction Ritual’ does not offer shape or hope, nor does it recognize these formations of thought. Instead, it brings the only result of the self beating into pulp – harsh, unforgiving and violent ritual.

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