King Dude – Tonight’s slow death

King Dude – Tonight’s slow death

Darkwave, folk, lo fi

Label – Avant! Records

01. My Everlasting life II
02. Witch’s Hammer
03. River of Gold
04. Born in Blood
05. White Hands
06. Slaves (ft Karina of White Ring)
07. Design
08. Love all around you
09. No One is Here
10. Day of the Night

The grainy picture on the front cover reminds me of a photo I have of myself from when I was a child. I am not that old (getting there) but this specific picture is grainy as well; it was sunny that day, apparently. Back to the present, The album that I hold in my hands, a home made CDr in a paper cover, is a promo for an LP by Avant! Records for King Dude’s album – Tonight’s Slow Death. I know this is not the usual format that those who purchase this album will get, but there is something charming in the simplicity of the appearance of this album, a simplicity that matches the stripped nakedness that most of the songs on this album appear in.

King Dude goes from minimal, reverb soaked ballads like ‘My everlasting life II” to more complex, even theatrical songs like ‘Design’. Whatever the case is, it is delightful to feel the intimacy of these songs, most of them painful and bleak, without the artist (I don’t think I have ever written the word ‘Dude’ in a serious intent so much before) trying to go over the top in order to impress the audience.

In my eyes, this album is a wonderful, refreshing approach to folk songs, which does not try hard to fit into the militant or apocalyptic folk genres that two great bands that will not be mentioned in here lead. The Dude (or the King?) presents a beautiful list of songs that take their influences from many places, yet manage to pave their own way in order to bring a remarkable, different work to the front.

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