Kinit Her – Divine Names

Kinit Her – Divine Names

Label – Brave Mysteries


A1 Gratitudes
B1 Walled
B2 The Prophet’s Pen Ablaze
B3 Walless

Following their beautiful album from 2009, ‘Glyms Or Beame Of Radicall Truthes’, Troy Schafer and Nathaniel Ritter are calling for divine names through the label ‘Brave Mysteries”. Those of you readers who have never heard the magic of the previous album should not waste time and grab a copy immediately. ‘Divine Names’, .Released on a black cassette on the label ‘Brave Mysteries’, includes four tracks that move forward on the wild, esoteric road that Kinit Her has embraced, exploring even further tonal esoterica and strange folklore music.

Kinit her exhibit plenty of tempting peculiarities that can make the ground shake under the skeptic’s feet. The listener can encounter layers of droning chanting that are swirling together with what sounds like insane elephant trumpeting, leading together onward deep into a harrowing blend of solemn funeral horns and black metal guitar riffs, and all of this is just from the heavy and impressive opening track, called ‘Gratitude’. Other points on this album will reveal remarkable and diverse vocal appearances, from shamanic drones to haunting whispers and dramatic choirs.

‘Divine Names’ is another successful display of Kinit Her’s unusual and praiseworthy prowess. If you hear this after listening to ‘Glyms…’ then you will have to appreaciaet how Ritter and Schafer manage to stay like minded with their previous album while sounding nothing like it. Yet with or without comparisons, ‘Divine names’ qualifies as another great climax on their expanding arsenal of music.

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