Kinit Her – Storm of radiance

Kinit Her – Storm of radiance


Label – Pesanta Urfolk

01 Mosaic of the Hyacinths I
02 The Storm of Radiance
03 His Traces In Us
04 Earth’s Own Air (Nightingale)
05 Sanctity Without Fortune
06 As We
07 Sky’s Not Dead
08 On This Plane
09 (Song of) Our Wrongs
10 Candle’s Flicker
11 Lamp of the World
12 Mosaic of the Hyacinths II

Got this little surprise just yesterday. This digital copy of an upcoming album by the glorious Kinit Her, which is going to be released soon in two formats. Pesanta Urfolk will release ‘Storm of Radiance’ on vinyl, while Brave Mysteries will release a CD version of it. Whatever the format you choose, this is going to be one hell of a release, and I don’t care if my mind is obscured by clouds of unconditional love for this project because I am right this time.

Kinit Her takes a giant leap into a ceremonial celebration that diffuses epic storms of pounding, grand declarations of raw and emotional revelations with more intimate forms of urfolk music. Rich with instruments, layers and textures, Kinit Her manages to bring to the radiating light at the front of the stage they are playing on many elements with equal respect to each of them. The deep singing in “His traces in us” or the violin parts that are scattered throughout the album, not to mention the pounding percussion on “Candle’s flicker”, all of these make this multifaceted album a fine prism for the refraction of the light that is pouring out of the passing minutes spent on listening to ‘Storm of Radiance’.

I am not sure about the exact date for the release of this album, so be sure to check with either label and get this album when it’s out. Kinit her once again gives an opportunity to stare at the eye of every storm they summon for this recording and it’s quite a show.

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