Kinit Her – The Cavern Stanzas


Kinit Her – The Cavern Stanzas

Urfolk, Dark ambient

Label – Reue um Reue

1 Murex Indigo
2 Pacing The Hollow

The latest gem on my shelf, a peculiar and exotic display of stone and roses is the lovely looking vinyl by Kinit Her, ‘The Cavern Stanzas’. The two charms’ titled ‘Murex Indigo’ and ‘Pacing the Hollow’ radiates through the microscopic cuts that are carved on the record like a stunning revelation, and may sound obscure, even ominous at times. Kinit Her’s sounds come out like the scrambled words from a shaman who is traveling the far reaches of the great astral plane. The brain might find itself lost within the tall Stonehenge of musical ideas at first, but the mind knows, and is overwhelmed, by the massive connection of unspoken ideas that Nathaniel Ritter and Troy Schafer display.

The Cavern Stanzas go from deep conjuration of breathing to dark nebulas of violin strings and marvelous chanting and finally, to the ascension through sublime, tribal marches. In the ever growing library, filled with shinning grimoires and beautiful stories, ‘The Cavern Stanzas’ is an important mark that needs to be examined and experienced over and over again with wondrous curiosity and joy.

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