kÖök – Imber, Wiltshire

kÖök – Imber, Wiltshire

kÖök – Imber, Wiltshire

Label – Va fongool

Improvisation, field recording, drone

1 Slumber Court
2 Evacuate
3 Monolith
4 St. Giles
5 Bell Inn
6 Albert
7 Imber Dock

“Imber, Wiltshire” tells the amazing and actually insane story of the city of Imber. In 1943 the British military has ordered the citizens of Imber to abandon the city so the allied forces could use the city for training. The citizens left, the army never came to Imber, and the citizens never came back, leaving the city empty and hollow. Stian Larsen and Jorn Erik Ahlsen give a musical interpretation to the barren foundation of Imber through an improvised architecture of guitars and electronica. A brief glimpse over the beautiful cover picture can tell you about the music inside. Piercing sound waves create fierce drones that vibrated through anchors made of slow, heartfelt guitar strokes. I am listening to “Imber Dock”, which drives me insane as it slowly – SLOWLY crawl uphill, making me see the barrenness and the desolation with my own eyes, as I close them and move forward with the crusted horror.

Above all – “Imber, wiltshire” is authentic and modest in intention, yet gigantic and monolithic in practice. This reason alone, beyond all possible superlatives about their music, is a good enough reason to get this cold and heavy album.

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