Kryptogen Randfunk – Live 2005

Kryptogen Randfunk – Live 2005

Noise, Drone, Ambient

Label – Zhelezobeton

1 Live at Deep sound, 18.11.2005
2 Live at DOM, 26.11.2005

Even worse than counting in Dog years, counting the years of computers is not a pleasant thing to do. Mine is six, I think, and you can see how he is dying, not so slowly, and certainly not so quietly. In fact, it constantly drones in such a way that I sometimes confuse it with some of the music I listen to. It is pleasant, though, to hear how the vibrations that are created by the music of Kryptogen Rundfunk are shifting above and below the annoying computer malfunction, almost disintegrating the sounds of my crumbling gear into silence. I am left, instead, with the intoxicating aura of eeriness, circled by high pitched shrieks and serene layers of pacific calmness, that are created by the artist.

Released in 2011, this recording of two live sessions that took place in 2005 offers two high-quality documentations of different live shows, taking place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The overall 40 minutes of the album are phasing through different stages. An almost dormant, ambient drone that is almost too low to notice, all the way into storming blasts that are dominant as well as being inevitable. KR is no novice. He doesn’t bomb his audience just for the pleasure of showing off how far and hard he can go. His music is dynamic; almost dead silent in places where it should be silent, and where his ideas and vision need power, he can be crushing and unforgiving.

The second track, the one from Moscow, ends in a surprising sample that takes the album to a different direction altogether. I find it hard to understand if what I’m listening to comes from a Porno, Horror or Comedy movie, and as I write these words I suddenly realize that there is little difference between the three. The lunatic screams make way to a brief mention of ‘The End’ by the doors, and the show is over.
While the album is indeed interesting and well worthy, I can only imagine how the live shows have been much better. This sort of music require us audience to leave our houses and gather together to witness the spectacle, rather than stay home and listen to its documentation. Nevertheless, I am quite happy with what I got in my hands, as it almost makes me forget about my deep urge to throw my stupid computer out of the window.

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