Kshatriy – Transforming Galaxy

Kshatriy – Transforming Galaxy

Dark ambient, drones, Field recording

Label – Muzyka Voln / Zhelezobeton

01 Initiation Into The Higher Self
02 The Song Of The Unknown
03 Omut
04 Awakening
05 Transforming Galaxy
06 Hymn To Kali (Part 2)
07 Hymn To Kali (Part 3)
08 Love Is The Key

I have the pleasure to live with many animals who share the house with me. I am pretty sure that they don’t like most of the music I am listening to, but Kshatriy, released by Muzyka Voln, a part of the label Zhelezobeton, which is responsible for many great releases on my shelf, drew some strange reaction from them. Packed with unsettling shapes of dark ambient and what I guess is field recordings, ‘Transforming Galaxy’ suddenly spread the tweets of birds into my room. My two parrots, Loki and Falkore, they both answer insanely to the phantom voices, and it takes them long minutes to calm down. Minutes later, it is the turn of my dogs Tau and Buff, as distant dogs are heard as well. Three times I stop the music in order to make sure the barks come through the speakers and not through the window. They are very real. The music in this album is very real.

I do not consider Kshatriy to be a dark album in the simple sense of the word. Instead, it justifies the darkness in his extreme density of sounds. Like a dying sun, each track holds the dense collection of boiling elements within it. Ritual bells and echoing metals ring through distant sounds of rain and wind. The entire universe is being held with every single pulse of life that Kshatriy releases, engulfing the listener with infinite sonic mysteries. This romantic vision, trying to cage the entire universe within the spectrum of audible sound, softly releases it in caressing paces that lament on some parts of the album, haunt and even threaten on others, and finally, offer bittersweet consolation on more parts.

‘Transforming Galaxy’ is a sum that is much greater than its components. The eight tracks, from the higher self and all the way to love, offer an emotional and transcendental experience that travels through the listener’s mind, riding on nostalgic notions in search of sonic (if not other) boundaries. Once again, a great outcome for Zhelezobeton.

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