laGrandine – Questo e per I tuoi occhi

laGrandine – Questo e per I tuoi occhi

Post rock

Label – Hanged man Records

1. L’uomo albero
2. iGod
3. Frammenti
4. Questo e per I tuoi occhi
5. Dentro una sveglia rotta
6. Cut the air
7. Buster casey

By the rate things are going on in our paradise lost of an Earth, the transformation of the world, from being a natural wildland to being a cultured and regulated urban dystopia, is soon to be complete. Tale of magical and lost stories, heritages and mysterious events from the old world are piling up, only to be forgotten by the brave new world that is taking its place. These lost stories are being remembered with warm nostalgic notion by the same people who do not believe in them anymore, and an example to this statement can be found on the artwork of laGrandine’s album – ‘Questro e per I tuoi occhi’, where a kite (remember these?) is being imagined by a gray person in a gray metropolis. This obscure point of light, being constantly sought after, but always forgotten under the heavy sheets of the present, is intriguing. I wonder what sort of nostalgic light points such as this one are going to be in the future. I have watched the Black Mirror mini series recently, have you seen it? It’s about this question exactly.

I think that ‘Questro e per I tuoi occhi’, is talking about this question as well. Inside the nice packaging, showing the rotting city and the colorful dream, laGrandine offers seven tracks that move around between these perimeters. The cold dissection of the tracks reveals a warm but grim music, composed by the urban essence of post rock guitars, bass and drums. With these contemporary instruments, I think that laGrandine are trying to find a place outside the cold urban world of theirs, and this is their charm and importance. Tracks like “Frammenti” are tapping into exotic and even mystical places through the atrophied means of contemporary vision. Their experiment is interesting and has some beautiful highlights in it. In 2012, it’s hard to create a remarkable post rock album, yet these guys do it by letting their music spiral out into forgotten realms and lost, loved stories.

The various climaxes in this album are indeed powerful and stirring. Fans of this genre should not miss this album, and I think that even those who do not know this music by the trails of post rock albums, infinitely showered over us, might enjoy this album if they concentrate on the nostalgic magic it holds hidden between the tracks. “Questro e per I tuoi occhi” is a sad, emotional and warm album with the promising whispers about light, waiting to be found among the endless gray walls. It’s a hunt that is worth the time.

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