Lana Trio – Lana Trio

Lana Trio

Lana Trio – Lana Trio

Free Jazz, Improvisation

Label – Va Fongool records

1 05:30
2 07:10
3 02:05
4 03:07
5 06:39
6 04:16
7 01:57
8 03:04
9 03:28

When I was working in a music Store I used to have some very interesting conversations with one of my co-workers, who was responsible for the Jazz department. I would tell him about interesting Noise, Drone and No-Wave albums, and he would tell me about interesting Jazz albums. Both of us had no knowledge about the genre of music we were told about, and so we both learned from these conversations.

My reading of the Jazz language is quite poor, but I know that I can appreciate the way Lana trio is redefining freedom through the conversation of sounds between the prolific trio members. With their powerful music playing, Lana trio creates something wild, something that is alive. Through well defined order, these great players orchestrate chaos.

Considering this is an acoustic album, I think that Lana trio has achieved something remarkable on their debut album. Their rich world, made out of a piano, Trombone and drums, is something that’s worth a visit.

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