Le Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – Kiss me, I’m your Guru!

Le Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – Kiss me, I’m your Guru!


Label – [walnut + locust]

1 I’ll meet you in the caves of Tulsa Doom, Baby! (Barbaric mix by Pigswill)
2 I’ll meet you in the caves of Tulsa Doom, Baby! (Remix by Punish yourself vs Sonic Area)
3 I’ll meet you in the caves of Tulsa Doom, Baby! (Remix by Fragment)
4 I’ll meet you in the caves of Tulsa Doom, Baby! (Remix by operation of the sun)

The true essence of releases like “Kiss me, I’m your Guru!” always raise the question who’s album this really is. Four musical projects took the mission to manipulate the same track by the Montreal Nintendo Orkestar, and came up with four wholly different results. I was going to add the word “Obviously” to the previous sentence, but on second thought this isn’t so obvious, and some remix albums hold the same track being manipulated to several similar stories. I prefer the varied result that can be found on MNO’s release though. It serves, as I see it, not as an album for the Orkestar, but more as a way for the other four projects to express themselves on even ground and even terms. In a way, in this sterile environment you can see the differences between the different interpretations, and the different groups.

We have Pigswill in the first track, with an intense, distressing opening. The original track, being reduced to distorted feedbacks and ethnic sounding sound glitches, manage to raise tension with war like beat and alluring sirens.
Punish Yourself and Sonic Area comes from a different angle, turning to sludgy, sleazy rhythms and beats. This track, bringing to mind the best of Revolting cocks, is very well made and, like the first track, serves the agenda of its creators very well.
Fragment brings another version, strongly reminding of the music I heard from them, which is highly recommended. Now we are dealing with epic sound scapes and heavy, but determined rhythmic pace. Turning the original track into something of their own, Fragment’s addition to the album is a great opportunity to know them, in case you don’t already.
The last part, by Operation of the Sun, completely turns the tables with an aggressive EBM beat or, better yet, a reminder of the early, sinister and sleazy tracks by Noisex, which is always a good thing. It ends as a fine contrast to Pigswill’s opening, yet, in a way, it shares the same sort of high intensity.

MNO builds a find stage for the four acts to present themselves and their work. It’s well worth a try, and better yet, “Kiss me, I’m your Guru!” is far from being a collection of the same track being repeated again and again. It’s varied and it shoots in four completely different directions.

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