Listening Mirror – On the passing of Chavela


Listening Mirror – On the passing of Chavela

Drone, (dark) ambient

Label – Dronarivm records

1 On the Passing of Chavela

I don’t know what you did on August 6th, 2012, and I am not even sure what I did on that day besides attempting to somehow escape the horrid heat of the summer, but Dronarivm records has released a firm alibi for Jeff Stonehouse, who on that day was creating this one hour
long piece, titled ‘On the Passing of Chavela”.

On this tender, beautiful experience, the listening mirror lets us gaze into a tunneling world where it we Stonehouse plants seeds of sound which later on bloom in magnificent colors. Through a cavernous, ethereal and sometimes monolithic drones and whispering walls of sound we can hear gentle guitars that bring a blessed metallic sound of sharp strings which suddenly give shape to the amorphous, abstract and dense atmosphere of drones around it.

When this ceremony ends, the sounds die out and suddenly the day around me begins again. Listening mirror has granted me a rare view into somewhere else. Maybe it was that specific day, which is mentioned on the cover of the album, and maybe it was some other world. Whatever it was, I want to be there again.

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