Living Room – Stasis

Living Room – Stasis

Living Room – Stasis

Indie, Drone

Label – Self released

1 Archangels
2 Moths
3 Severed
4 Stasis
5 Pillars
6 Balance

‘Stasis’ is a wonderful debut album for ‘Living Room’, a musical project by Alexander Stooshinoof, who packs two Cds in one colorful and nostalgic packaging. One of the Cds has these six songs as audio tracks, while the other Cd offer this music together with a video that combines layers upon layers of nature, distorted imaging and live footage. Either way you choose to grasp ‘Stasis’, the sounds in this living room are beautifully organic and delicate even at their fiercest moments.

In ‘Stasis’ you can find pieces like “Moths”, which brings simple folk guitar and great singing, next to the ethereal ‘Severed’, with abstract vocal singing that allows us to discover more experimental sides to this project. “Archangels” comes from a very different angle, blending haunting voice samples with unsettling drones that feedback into a wall of noise for a short while. This is not eclectic in any way. Alexander Stooshinoof makes everything fit together perfectly into a dreamlike story. “Stasis” is an excellent debut for what seems to be like a very interesting project, and an album you should listen to time after time after time. Watch the video as well, while you’re at it, this is also a great experience.

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