Loopool – Applies pressure

Loopool - Loopool applies pressure

Loopool – Applies pressure

Ambient, Experimental, Abstract

Label – Amok Recordings

Disc 1

1 Mourning Long Distance Loss
2 Below the Comfort
3 Sun Standing Still
4 Molia
5 Unnamed as of yet
6 Hate’s music
7 Sagan’s Nightmare
8 Flight of Hayabusa
9 Quintet for Conch
10 Brooding
11 Accepting the Fall
12 Unbass
13 Old Wounds
14 Keymap to my Heart
15 Spire Crushing
16 Eat the Martyrs

Disc 2

1 Trouble Speaking

Loopool’s pressure is working. Whatever he is doing over there, my heartbeats and sweat pores are certainly reacting accordingly, vibrating with the alien rhythm that is oozing from this double CD album. What am I hearing? Loopool’s twisting world of ideas sounds like a writhing, living being, made out of the sounds of something between an orchestra playing underwater, sonar miscalculations and dark memory traces. How does all of this sound? “Unearthly” would be the first word coming to mind, and then words like “extremely” and “unsettling” would follow.

“Loopool applies pressure” is a double album, with the second cd having one forty minutes long track on it. The vertigo-inducing sounds conjure electronic heartbeats and clicks at irrational rhythms, and after listening to most of the first cd, by the time you reach the track “Keymap to my heart”, you feel like you’re so far out in space that nothing would make any sense anymore. The simple, yet alien melodies are distorted and scorched to the point that all you can hear is their pathetic, yet persistent remains, who form together a different picture of powerful tones.

The hypnotic “Loopool applies pressure” is the best Loopool album I have heard so far. It hit the stomach and the brain with ill vibrations and haunting waves, to the point when all you can really do it immerse yourself and drown in it. Check this album out. I think it’s worth the nightmares you’re going to have later at night.

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