Machinefabriek – Attention the doors are closing

Machinefabriek – Attention the doors are closing

Machinefabriek – Attention the doors are closing

Drone, (post) Industrial

Label – Self-released

1 Entrance
2 Slapping Dance
3 Kostyas Solo
4 Manipulation
5 Sashas Solo
6 Perfect Contact

Unsettling and mind provoking, Machinefabriek’s Score music for the work of choreographer Iván Pérez, titled “Attention: the Doors Are Closing!” for Ballet Moscow, should indeed be an amazing experience as a dance performance, and I am curious to see how did Pérez translate the sounds of this musical act into moves. At points, Machinefabriek produces killer rhythms, like on the track “Sasha’s Solo” where the sound is heavy enough to turn listeners completely paranoid, yet rhythmic enough for them to move their aching heads frantically with, god forbid, joy.

‘Perfect Contact’ is very different, drawing its power from a sacred ritual of metal scratching metal, sending unholy shivers down the spine. Entrance sends bass waves into my body like a ship dropping its anchor down in deep water. Machinefabriek builds a delicate, sophisticated system of anxiety and thrill with sounds that both repel you with their naked brutality, and tempt you to stay and listen to them, with promises of salvation through musical rituals.

Sitting in complete darkness, with this album in my headphones, Kostyas Solo of what sounds like a brilliant display of sinister of door screeches. I want to see the performance for this album, but for now I have to settle with complete darkness, embracing the challenging work. ‘Attention, the doors are closing’ is a wonderful album, and although I did not hear them all, this is also one of the best albums that I have heard from this artist.

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